Cant Smoke A Bitcoin NFT Digital Collectible

Cant Smoke A Bitcoin NFT Digital Collectible

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This is the last available one of a  5/5 Edition NFT on the Ethereum Network. This is a digital collectible. Not physical!

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If you pay in cash, I will transfer the collectible to your Ethereum based wallet and you can keep and view your collection at

"Can't Smoke A Bitcoin" is a video and song that came from a niche, crypto- meme involving the notorious Bitcoin- hater Peter Schiff, in which he claimed, "You can smoke cigarettes but you can't smoke a Bitcoin" when describing the value proposition of the digital money. I quickly made a song out of the phrase and it spiraled into a music video featuring the interviewer, Chris Derose, and was shot by Emoji Nakamoto using AI and creating a visual hallucination, which eventually lands the viewer in a club with a frog DJ. 

The song was the first of its kind. To commemorate it's existence, I turned it into an art token called CANTSMOKEBTC using the Bitcoin blockchain and the Counterparty protocol. March 27, 2018 was the date.

You can view the nerdy details here:

The digital trophies were dropped into wallets of people who provably shared the song and video on twitter or instagram. Initially, 1000 were made and 944 were burned. Around 80 people participated in sharing the video (like a Bitcoin Thunderclap) and 56 tokens were sent out to folks with a Counterparty- compatible Bitcoin wallet. 

The image, a J-Scrilla drawing mash-up of Peter Schiff and Pookie from "New Jack City", has now been combined with the power of Augmented Reality. If you download the ARTIVIVE app on your phone you can actually view the music video by simply pointing your phone at the image! 

You can purchase CSAB- themed merch in the Rare Scrilla shop, buy the high quality digital download of the song, or simply sit back and relax and try smoking a Bitcoin yourself as you take in the visuals: