What is DJPEPE in under 60 seconds

DJ PEPE is the DJ CLUE (clue clue clue) of the bitcoin blockchain and uses Counterparty ($XCP) in a mathematical mix of blockchain sorcery and gimp to create a beautiful and most importantly… RARE AF MUSIC.
DJPEPE was born on Oct 16, 2016 and has paid his dues on the meme circuit. He shot to fame recently when he did a gig in Indonesia and demonstrated juggling 8 turntables at once and invented a new type of scratch called FROGGY SCRATCH.

The bad news about DJPEPE? Well, only 169 exist. EVER! The important thing about being a blockchained meme is that you can prove ownership, transactions and you can lock assets so no more can be created. Check out xchain.io and type in DJPEPE in the search box to see for yerself… You can buy, sell or trade DJPEPE at www.rarepepewallet.com, wallet or download Book Of Orbs on iPhone or Android.  (Rare Pepe Directory

DJPEPE at the base layer is simply an Alpha blockchain badge. Some say it gets them all the ladies. Never buy or trade a DJPEPE thinking about profits. Those who buy often HODL them for the swag offerings.


rare pepe book

DJPEPE featured in the new "The RAREST BOOK"

The book is over 500 pages of the most high quality Rare Pepes and dank memes. DJPEPE is one of only about 10 that has his own page dedicated to him as the authors recognize and chose to feature the importance of such an alpha bitcoin meme.. The authors also do a cool job of giving a bit of history of Rare Pepe and how they became the fuel for the budding crypto art scene. www.therarestbook.com

In the Press

Video of DJPEPE speaking at Rare Digital Art Conference in NYC — January 13th, 2018 


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