"STACKING SATS" New Single Ft. K-Beta

By Jeff Clarkin

"STACKING SATS" New Single Ft. K-Beta

The newest Bitcoin-inspired song comes a few days before THE HALVENING, where every four years the amount of Bitcoin mined is cut in half. The past four years have brought us 12.5 BTC roughly every 10 minutes and now we will scrape for 6.25 every 10 minutes until 2024, when the supply again gets cut in half.



"Stacking Sats" or "Stackin Sats" can often be seen on Twitter accompanied by a hashtag and a screenshot of a CashApp or Swan Bitcoin buy.  It signifies the smallest unit in Bitcoin, the satoshi, aka the SAT. We stack sats to accumulate Bitcoin. You can imagine Bitcoin being a $1,000,000 bill and a satoshi is a penny. Bitcoin has 8 decimals, so a satoshi 1/100,000,000 of a Bitcoin. As of this writing 10,000 sats equals about $1. Bitcoin is worth about $10,000.




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