November 2020 UPDATE! Things Are Moving Fast!

By Rare Scrilla

November 2020 UPDATE! Things Are Moving Fast!

Hey, thanks for checking out my site and this sweet new article where I brag all over myself and tell you how important i am. 

Excuse me while I throw up a little bit.


Sorry, I'm not the best at shilling myself, I am working on it though lol

I have a lot of updates. I have been making AudioNFTs and throwing them on SuperRare and Rarible. SuperRare houses my most coveted pieces and they are generally 1/1. Although I do have some variation pieces up and also coming. I explained a little bit about AudioNFTs in a previous blogpost.

I recently threw up a piece I created around the Benny The Butcher album that my production team is releasing in January 2021 - DFi (Chop La Rok and myself.) It sold for 10 ETH (about $4000.00) and got a lot of quality attention. The Museum Of Crypto Art (MOCA) now owns it, shoutout to Pablo for purchasing it and putting it up in the museum. Expect a few more of our Benny pieces to drop soon.

I also recently housed a BAD RAP 1/1 on the site, a new surreal animated doodle and more up on SuperRare. Shoutout to @jfishfeld & @stazie for the recent buys "Money Badger" & "LS₿," repectively. I have a collab with tommy up as well here.


Over at I've been creating unlockables and have recently issued #4 of the Sound Money series (only 21 will ever be minted.) Shoutout to the 3 previous supporters. I also minted my first mp3 on rarible called HIGH. It is a song I made that has never been released and is exclusively on the site for .02 ETH (about $7.) Again only 21 issued and no more will be made. You can check out my collection and support there. 

I also recently got brought into the social token space. I was a bit reluctant at first because but it actually seems like a cool experiment to get collectors, fans, friends and supporters behind me. The truth is, I do a lot. I create art, music, write articles, I've been early in many industries, and am a leader, father, expecting father and a husband. It makes sense to give back to the people that help prop me up so I can continue creating fulltime. 

The folks at reached out to me and got me onboarded with SCRLA. A social currency that is currently trading at about .06. I'm going to be distributing it to HODLers and buyers of my art and music, distribute some to my telegram group and maybe some other ways. Still exploring. Check out the site here.

As far as releasing music? I have a new rap album out with K-Beta called BAD RAP that is an independent release on Man Bites Dog (they've released albums with many indy legends including Roc Marciano and work with Nas, Killah Priest, Oh No, Evidence and more.) It's gotten great reviews so far and the people have really been drumming it. We worked hard on this project for a few years. This is no cookie cutter album and it features Grisleda Records own Conway The Machine, Diamiond District's Uptown XO, former Source Unsigned Hype legends Kingpen Slim & Sketch McGuiney, Napolean Da Legend, Eileen Torrez, Chop La Rok and more. It's about as hip-hop as an album can get.

Expect more new releases from me with ANKHLEJOHN, who just had a legendary Hot97 interview, Rome Streetz, Benny The Butcher, Beta, Willie Waze who just dropped a sleeping giant AVANT SCARRED and more AudioNFTs.

I have a special hip hop series that started with Benny The Butcher and the marathon will continue as I release the Nipsey Hussle piece next...


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