New Music Releases Coming Soon!

By Jeff Clarkin

New Music Releases Coming Soon!


I'm proud to announce that I'm in mixing stages of my new Bitcoin-inspired album, "Sound Money." This is my first solo release since my "Gorilla Glue" tapes in 2015 and 2016 and first solo album since 2009! While I've been busy of course making tracks for a variety of artists since then, it's a special thing to have a body of work you can call your own.

This album started in the fall of 2019 and I used Bitcoin audio samples from YouTube, podcasts and television, my beats, some rappers I thought could rap about the subject and some dirty ass drums. "Sound Money" was made for OG Bitcoiners and curious no-coiners alike, it was made for anyone who appreciates raw hip-hop or just a cinematic listening experience. You won't find another project like it and I hope I can get Bitcoiners and crypto people in general to help spread the word of this project.

I will be releasing a music video for the first single, "Dark Market" featuring D.C. spitter ANKHLEJOHN in which you won't find another music video with as much Bitcoin propaganda throughout. We shot the video in my basement and it features Bitcoin-related artwork from cryptograffiti, Josie Bellini, Indelible Trade, myself and more. You'll also find a General Bytes Bitcoin machine, Bobby Lee's Ballet Wallet, A Satoshi Roundtable flyer and many more pieces of Bitcoin propaganda I've collected over the years.

The album features cameos from John McAfee, ANKHLEJOHN, Rome Streetz, K-Beta and Fleetwood DeVille.

I'm working on a way to release the video privately using tokens on Bitcoin and possibly Ethereum, so stand by for that info as well. The song will also be streamed privately through the DJPEPE token before the masses get to hear it. You can email to get a DJPEPE token for $50 in Bitcoin or you can purchase one online using There are only 169 DJPEPE tokens available and none will ever be created again. 

Additionally, if you've made it this far then you'll be pleased to know that my production squad GUNS-N-BUTTER (Chops and myself) have a couple GNB produced albums with one getting ready to come out this Spring. I cannot give many details but the stakes are high with them and we will let the cat out the bag shortly. Our newly formed GNB Sound label will be releasing the projects on CD/Vinyl and digitally everywhere.

I have a #cryptomusic telegram chat I'd like to invite you all to as we are working on getting artists hip to different crypto fronts they can explore.


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