GAN NFTs or GANFTs by Rare Scrilla

By Rare Scrilla

GAN NFTs or GANFTs by Rare Scrilla

I started experimenting with and their Ai/GAN applications, or assists, in 2021. I've released a few of these pieces as an NFT on SuperRare, and one on Raretoshi but mostly I've been using HEN or to release most of these works as NFTs. I've always enjoyed the weirdness and psychedelic feeling that happens with these works and the unimaginable outcomes that are possible. Creating GAN art make me put more of a curator hat on, as you have to sift through thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of images and then select the ones you want to properly morph, gif, and manipulate. It is a real different process than just creating from your mind. You are collaborating with a software system. I often times add music to the pieces and have been working on tempo matching more in the pieces, to bring it all together better.

The first time I used GAN in my art was actually a collab with Emoji Nakamoto in April 2018. We released CANT SMOKE A BITCOIN on (one of the first SR releases.) You probably can't afford the NFT right now but the limited digital display is available on my site. Only 21 made.

The more recent releases I have been doing have experimented with morphing rare pepes, vaporwave aesthetics, and japanese cover art. I've also done some stuff using my collection of Avastars and a data set of honey badgers. You can check out (and even buy) a 1/1 song I did with Willie Waze combining Avastars called STYLES UPON STYLES. The song uses some manual scratch drumming with Waze going crazy per usual.

Look out for more work on hicetnunc soon, you can book go direct to my page by using


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