CryptoZoo Legendary and Common Release!

By Rare Scrilla

CryptoZoo Legendary and Common Release!

Yesterday I saw a tweet and it spoke to me somehow. Jake Brukhman wrote, 

"Crypto is actually one of the most diverse ecosystems. We have whales, dodos, apes, badgers, minnows, shrimps, ducks, bulls, bears, and trolls."

So, I drew this:

That is the image for the CryptoZoo Common NFT available on Rarible here

The CryptoZoo Legendary - Audio Reactive NFT - is a 1/1 of the image, but it's also animated and has music I made. You can buy it here

This is the first time I'm trying out this experiment. I used SuperRare for my Legendary release because my 1/1s have lived there thus far. I chose Rarible for my 10 issuance because that's where the multi-prints I've made have ended up. You can also purchase them on OpenSea.

I used colored pencil, black in pen, photoshop, MPC2000XL, Pro Tools and Final Cut to create the Legendary. 2000x1412. 41 secs

I used colored pencil and black in pen for the still image Common prints.

Now time to send an edition to Jake



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