About DJ J Scrilla

DJ J Scrilla is the co-host of the Art on the Blockchain (“AOTB”) Podcast and prominent member of the Crypto Art and Crypto Music community. Scrilla has carved out a career as a critically acclaimed underground hip-hop record producer, audio engineer and DJ.  He has deep roots in both the traditional music industry and the blockchain network. 

Scrilla first officially spoke about cryptoart at a Government blockchain meetups in DC. A year later he spoke at the now legendary Rare Digital Art Festival in New York, co-runs an Art On The Blockchain Meet-Up group with Cynthia Gayton, and has delivered presentations titled “Intro To Crypto Art and Crypto Music” in Atlanta, Baltimore, and DC. He was a panelist and after party DJ at the Creative Tech Week Blockchain Panel in NYC.  Consensys also recently booked Scrilla and his AOTB Podcast co-host Cynthia  to cover the Ethereal summit this past May in NYC which led to a three part podacst series.

Scrilla is also the creator and manager of one of the most prominent memes in the Bitcoin space – DJPEPE – the first ever Bitcoin meme to escape the blockchain and teach humans cryptoart.

Additionally, Scrilla is working on a series of crypto music projects that are part video, part song and part art, with some members of the blockchain community. He recently released “Cant Smoke A Bitcoin” featuring Peter Schiff and Chris Derose which also featured the first ever Proof Of Share token “CANTSMOKEBTC” issued through Counterparty (XCP.) Another project is on the way in the fall 2018, “I Wear Gucci.”

Scrilla began making cryptoart through the Rare Pepe Trading channels in 2016 and has since become one of the most prolific artists in the blockchain space, having issued (and sold) more than 40 cryptoart pieces. You can also check out some of his pieces here.  He has over 20 years of DJ and record producing experience and has carved out productions with hip hop legends such as Cassidy, Raekwon, Mobb Deep, Nipsey Hussle and hundreds more.


I am available for booking at rarescrilla@gmail.com.


2019 The Atlanta Bitcoin ConferenceTAB 2019

Feb 8-10

TAB Conference

A Blockchain Conference of Substance, No ICO Pitches


Georgia State University Student Center

55 Gilmer St SE, Atlanta, GA 30303


Blockchain art show

Dec 6

Art Decentralized – The World of Distributed Masterpieces 

This event brings together all innovators, pioneers and creators in the industry looking to discuss and learn more about the impact of Art and Blockchain. 


Nikki Beach

1 Ocean Dr

Miami Beach, FL 33139

When: 9-6pm


Tysons Corner Beat Showcase

Oct 27

Monster Jam

DJ J-Scrilla plays beats along with Marco Polo, Bronze Nazareth, 1st Spawned, Uncommon Nasa and more


Records & Rarities

in Tyson’s Corner Center Lower Level

When: 2-8pm

blockchain art show

Oct 25

The Rarest Show

A Celebration of Internet and Blockchain Culture.


Bushwick Generator.

215 Moore St., Brooklyn, NYC 11206

When: 6PM


Oct 5

Conference Talk on How Musicians and Artists Are Using Blockchain

Atlanta, GA — A3C Conference Center @ TBA

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Sept 17, 24 & Oct. 2

For this 3-part course, AOTB uses real-world and practical examples to introduce creatives to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to assist artists increase exposure and navigate through new business models and use cases. Attendees learn how smart contracts can be used to track digital assets (which can be any artistic or creative work represented in digital form) licensed or sold using blockchain technology. AOTB focuses on basic contracting principles as well as intellectual property and introduces attendees to cryptocurrencies (such as bitcoin), smart contracts, digital assets and distributed ledger technology. 

Charles Sumner School Museum and Archives 
1201 17th Street NW DC 
Washington, D.C 20005

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CryptoCreative at Creative Tech Week

May 10

Creative Tech Week

New York, NY  — DCTV Independent Media Arts Center @ 2:00 PM – 11:30 PM EDT 

87 Lafayette Street New York, NY 10013

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May 9

Rare Digital Art Cryptocurrency Charity Auction

Washington D.C. — Pow! Wow! @ 6:00 PM EDT 

Holy Bones Studio — 52 O Street Northwest #303, Washington D.C. 20001

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Rare digital art and music