The newest crypto themed project from Scrilla is called “I Wear Gucci” and features an exclusive 1/1 moving image album cover, a cool video in conjunction with Emoji Nakamoto, a coveted Craig Wright 3D cut mask, limited edition 7″ vinyl and much moar. 

This is the first Proof Of Share token and only 1000 exist. All you need to earn this free historic piece of blockchain history is an XCP compatible wallet (wallet.counterwallet.io, freewallet.io, indie square, etc..) and share the new video with hashtag #CANTSMOKEBTC.

Aug 27, 2018 UPDATE: 600 Tokens have been burned so far. By the end of the summer all tokens unclaimed will be burned. 

September 19, 2018 UPDATE: The #CANTSMOKEBTC token campaign will end at midnight September 21. Thanks to those that particpated! I will have more info on how the campaign went soon. 

September 24, 2018 UPDATE: Thanks for all that particpated. I reached out to everyone who played along and gave months worth of time to claim the tokens. So, if you got locked up or had to go off the grid to avoid alimony – you missed yer BIG chance to collect the CANTSMOKEBTC token. I have burned all remaining tokens and I will hopefully have a new medium article out soon to explain the Proof Of Share tokens.

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